My name is Angelica. I am an IT analyst living in Maryland, USA with a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese. I am also the co-founder and a former Vice President of the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia-based Pagan group, the Fellowship Beyond the Star.

As a hard polytheist, I believe every god and spirit acts with Their own agency; has a unique personality that differs from others like Them; and possesses knowledge, insight, wisdom, and power beyond the understanding of humans. And as a death worker, I believe in the cyclical, unending, and interconnected nature of life and death; the acceptance of death as inspiration to live full, rich lives; and the importance of honoring my ancestors and continuing their legacy.


I have always had difficulty finding my place in the Pagan and witch communities. While my peers draw strength from nature, commune with spirits, and know the names of every herb and stone, I feel no similar call. Nevertheless, I tried for years to be like them. I would force myself into a box that never felt right, hoping that I would mold to it one day, yet never feeling the spark that so many of my brethren live and breathe. And then I read a post by Hank Shaw on his blog, Honest Food. In it, he wrote:

However, one piece of this feeling centers on the fundamental fact that to live on planet Earth something else must die. … Dealing death is the business of life.

The spark flared to life inside me. My world opened to possibility. In the years since, I have established a unique and individual practice with death at its core. My gods are psychopomps, kings, and warriors who command the realm of death. My spirit guides are my ancestors. My sacred spaces are public cemeteries, and my offerings are coins to pay the toll of entry into these hallowed grounds. And every morning, I remind myself that I am going to die, and I am empowered.