When I first studied death work, I had no guidance and very little idea about what I was doing. I read books that I felt were relevant and the blogs of witches practicing a more traditional craft. I learned about the death rituals and ceremonies of cultures around the world, including those of my own. Eventually, I came to an understanding about my path—my personal take on death work. I staunchly believe that every death worker’s path is unique to the individual, yet I realize how difficult beginning death work can be without a foundation. Consequently, I created a program of core studies that others can use, free of charge.

I believe that certain subjects are essential to an individual’s study of death. By gaining a foothold in each, a person can build a solid understanding of death and how it relates to their personal journey. This foundation also acts as a springboard for further explorations. The subjects are broad enough to complement any preexisting belief system or faith a person might already have. An individual can start with any subject, and can study as many or as few subjects as they like at the same time. However, I believe that death workers should eventually gain experience in all three subjects.


Studies of the Grave deal with confronting your own mortality and making appropriate preparations. To learn more about this subject, click here.

Studies of the Ancestors deal with building relationships with your ancestors and learning about your heritage. To learn more about this subject, click here.

Studies of the Spirits deal with enriching your spiritual life and connecting with the expression of divinity in your belief system. To learn more about this subject, click here.