Irreversible Mistakes and New Enterprises

Last week, as I was cleaning up my Tumblr accounts with the intention of moving one blog’s contents to WordPress, I made an irreversible mistake.

I deleted my entire account.

My excuse was that I was in a rush. I thought one button meant something else, and before I knew it, the list of death workers on Tumblr (as well as most of my other original content) was gone. I briefly contemplated emailing Tumblr staff to explain the predicament and ask if they, somehow, have a way of restoring my main Tumblr blog from a backup. Then I realized that they probably don’t; I’m pretty sure the ability to back up Tumblr posts exists already and I never took advantage of it. Frustratingly for some, I am a person who accepts misfortune and tends to roll with it. And so I’m rolling with it.

Ultimately, deleting my Tumblr account is a good thing. It’s one less blogging platform, so I can focus all of my efforts on this one. I’ll make a list of topics on which I’d previously written and see if I can expand on them here. One is already sitting as a skeleton in my drafts, waiting for the right time and experiences before it can fully manifest. Others will require more thought — and possibly a time when I am less burdened by other responsibilities.

In the meantime, I’ve acquired a new tool for my religio-magical arsenal. Last weekend, my friends at Serendipities ran a Reiki I and II class. Though I went with the intention of only taking the Reiki I portion, I left the class attuned up to Reiki II. During the attunement, I discovered that one of my reiki guides is yet another ancestor, someone more ancient than Jorge and Margarita, who I later contacted. Réaltán also remarked that I should be able to use reiki to psychopomp the dead into the afterlife, or to make offerings to the dead. My new guides should be able to aid me with this. All I can do is practice and wait to see what the future holds.

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